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Reverse and Rewind

I have not been a very good camper when it comes to updating my blog of late. I'd say it's partly because my lappy is still somewhat under the weather (even after it's been repaired) because I can't connect to the internet at home. I figured since the modem's led is okay and the computer id now able to detect my USB Lan converter, it must be the lan cable that is problematic. Yes, the Lan port is fried and unsaveable but thank goodness for the converter.
In the course of repairing my lappy, I've also made friends with the computer shop guys! All thanks to Dieselfire. Muahaha!! Those guys are really helpful. I don't know much about computers but whatever it was, they totally turned my 6-year-old laptop around. :D

Anyways, like I said, a few things have happened in the course of one month or so. So here is a pictorial blog entry (?) to help summarise the events...
Reverse and rewind to end of March 2009...

Office movement...8.30pm - 28th March 2009 (Earth Hour in…

Twilight is Upon Us as We Fall Irrevocably in Love

Finally, after MONTHS, I watched Twilight for the very first time. Yes!

Obviously, I am experiencing belated exhiliration over the movie and of course the book. In fact I have the book but I have not the time nor the chance to read it yet. It's still in it's plastic packaging!! Anyways, I know of the book even before the movie came out. Last year, I got hooked on Youtube and one of the people I subscribed to was an avid Twilight fan in the US. About that time, the movie was just getting it's buzz in the movie scene. So when the movie did come out, I was totally excited about it. Especially when the main hero was the dude who played Cedrig Diggory on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. At the time, I hardly even knew his name was Robert Pattinson. *swoon* Unfortunately, time didn't permit me a chance to watch the movie. So I missed out on it on the big screen... with Robert Pattinson totally in your face with all his charms. :(

BUT, that's not the only reason the mov…

One week later

Wouldn't you know it... it's already APRIL! Where did the time go? It seemed like time just went by in a blur. A lot of things happening all at one time, making me sometimes confused over what day it was! Scary innit?
Anyways, the past close to two weeks since my last post have been rather hectic. It's already Friday the 3rd of April 2009. Three days into the new month and I still haven't got a clue. Meh!
So things that happened since the last post... Not too much because it staggers.

1) Office movement exercise - Yes, the third time I've move offices since joining this group in 2007. Can you believe that?! I shouldn't complain so much since I haven't really been here as long as some people and have moved as many times as they have in the past. I have been told that this company has been moving offices for more than five times already. Amazingly enough, it's always within the same vicinity as we are right now. The good thing about this move is, we're s…