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Raindrops on Roses

It's a rainy start this morning. The kind of morning that would ideally be fit for a snuggle in bed surrounded by fluffy pillows and a nice soft thick duvet. Sigh... I can only dream right now because I am in fact at work. I wonder if it will be raining throughout the whole day. That would be nice.
As I was driving rather sleepily to work this morning, I decided that I love rainy days. The kind where you can see the rain falling on the window pane and it's a nice melody of droplets hitting on ground. Thunder and lightning scares me though, but I still like the rain. Maybe it's because I live in such a hot weathered country. The rain cools the air around and somehow makes it easier to breathe too... at least for me.
I'm hoping for a quiet day in the office and an early end. I don't hope to stay back for any reason whatsoever, so what I plan to do is to stay in for lunch and work on my office packing. That way I can leave the office early for home and hopefully sleep e…

Weekends are reserved for good times ONLY

It's been a whole week since I last updated. Whoa... made me seem so boring. Really, it's true. Nothing much happened during the week because there's only work, work, work. But the weekend is a whole different story.
The only thing that really did happen, which was of some interesting-ness would be the stupid stray cat 'infestation' and living on our kitchen roof! It's not settled yet but we'll get it fixed soon. For the moment, I'm hoping those kitty cats would stop scratching on the room and making a bigger hole AND stop letting their kittens fall through the room and into our kitchen! Annoying much.
Anyways, on to the past two weekends. It was a whole heap of pure fun combined altogether! I've had movie outing with my siblings, two birthday parties on two separate Saturdays, one wedding plus lepak session, and coffee with parents and brother.
My brother + his wife, Buffy and I went to see 'Watchmen'two Saturdays ago. Had some lunch before t…

Trying on the apron for size

I suppose I might be posting twice today... or not. Depending on if I get a chance to go online while at home. I've been wanting to put up an entry with pictures in them. But since I am mostly online at work and I didn't bring my camera along with me to upload any photos, plus I didn't want the hassle of copying photos from my FB, I figured I might as well put in something of an update.

Anyways, for the past few weeks, my sister and I have been the caretaker for our house, while the parents settle in Hippo. It's been an interesting journey so far (I know... how can it be interesting?!). It sort of reminded me of the time when I was studying way over in Perth. Trying to take care of the house, do laundry, cook and clean - very domesticated journey I'd say. For Buffy and I, it's a bit of getting used to especially since we've been 'pampered' most of our lives. The only times we've taken full care of ourselves was when we were studying abroad. We…

Math is nightmare!

Hey guys, it's the 30th post in my new blogosphere! Weee... *bounce, bounce* It's the 12th of March, which coincides with Nassygirl's birthday. So for the upteenth time, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and have the most fanta-bulous day ever!! As usual I'm at work but I wish I was home asleep. SO SLEEPY!! By the way, doing math questions in sleepiness and then trying to sleep right after that is a very bad combination. In fact, it's EXTREMELY bad! Especially when you know you didn't answer the questions well enough. Heh! So last night I did the math test. It. Was. DEMENTED! I could hardly answer them but I did them anyways. Come to the end of the last minute (it was a timed online test) I still had 3 questions to go. So what else laa... it was me and the sharp shooting game. I didn't even bother calculating it in the end. Hence, I KNOW I flunked it. It would be a crying shame because it's not everyday that normal people like me get to even be considered in a place like tha…

Crossing my fingers in a knot!

I hope I'm not jinxing anything right now. One of the companies I've applied to have responded and has told me to take an online assessment test. When I looked at the website given, I noticed it as one of those psychometric tests, which I've taken back when I joined HLA. It was quite gruelling since it had mathematics in them! I took the test and even fell sick afterwards. I remembered because I had to ask my mom to tell Christmas' mother I was sick and couldn't get to the temp job I had with her. But I somehow managed to pass it that time. Apparently, anyone who fails it wouldn't be considered for the position even if you aced the interview or other tests they had.

So anyways, this test... I didn't dare take the actual one just yet because a) I'm at work and b) I can't concentrate - too much distraction! So I decided to do the trial test to "prepare" myself for what's to come. Initially it was just to see if it was a similar testing sy…

I'm at a place called Vertigo

The three-day weekend went by like the wind with my time and sleep all jumbled up into one. By Sunday I was thinking it was only Saturday, totally forgetting Friday and Saturday. Despite having a lovely time spent with family, of course I always have that dread of Monday even though yesterday was a public holiday (one of the better perks of living inMalaysia). Anyways, as usual I went about the weekend without so much of a plan. And the only day that was spent out shopping or even in a shopping complex was on Sunday afternoon with Buffy. Other than than, I was at home with my parents or at my sister's house with the third generations. Hehe.

And then yesterday, I woke up with an odd feeling... it felt like I was spinning, or the room was spinning. But I was very much stationary. At first it wasn't apparent - it was just like when a sleepy person was jolted right out of bed. I sat down after getting up from bed and tried to focus my eyes on a single spot in my room. When I though…

Parents = Home and Love

Yesterday my parents came home. It felt so good to spend time with them with my mom actually a nice dinner for my dad, Buffy and I. My mom had a dinner to go to and initially she wanted to drive by herself. But then since I know she hasn't driven out to town at night in a while, I decided to take that opportunity to do the chaufeuring, even if it was in my own car. After that I went over to McD's to buy some ice cream for the family so that at least my dad would have some nice dessert to enjoy while watching the tele. Hehe.

Thing is, last night wasn't full to the brim with activities with my parents, but just having them home made everything else seem better than ever. I've missed having them around all the time but they are finally fulfilling their dream of permanently residing in Hippo and that's what's important. Besides, it's a good chance for me to be more independent and matured. Plus I'll have more reason to go back to Hippo more often! Yay.

Sleep …

I say a little prayer...

I want to start my entry today with a prayer that I always say especially when I'm beginning my journey to work;

"Ya Allah, please grant me longevity and keep my family and I away from harmful illnesses. Ya Allah, help me to strengthen my Iman, increase my patience and lift my spirits to face my daily challenges. Ya Allah, please protect me and my family from harm of people and other beings. Ya Allah, please keep me away from unnecessary pressures, torture and stresses caused by other people. Ya Allah, please keep my family and I safe from dangerous situations and extreme sadness."
These are words I ask from GOD most frequently because it's sort of my blanket against all potential evils and sadness that I may face. I have other prayers that I recite, which is sort of like a habit and intro to these more specific prayers. The intro prayers are Quranic verses recited in Arabic. But since I do not speak Arabic unless it's from the Quran, I thought GOD would understand eve…

Tuesday... definitely, maybe

Sitting home alone (for now) on a Tuesday night watching 'Definitely, Maybe' for the upteenth time. I don't think I will ever get tired of this movie. Don't you just love movies that you never get tired of and can watch over and over again? *warm fuzzy feeling*

Anyways, it's good to be back and writing on my blog again (sanely this time). I know it hasn't been that long but then for the past few days, what with my PMS-sy bitchiness and suffering one of the worst times of the month late last week, I thought I needed some time to 'recuperate' by being more in touch with actual people rather than sinking just into my own thoughts.

("I've Got a Crush on You" is playing in the movie right now... *sigh*).

I ended up taking Thursday and Friday off from work last week coz I wasn't feeling well. It was truly a blessing as I was already feeling like I couldn't take anymore crap at work. Hence, being sick saved me from insanity. Then on Friday …

The Night of 'Forced Insomnia'

It's the wee small hours of the morning and despite being tired from spending the whole day walking around town with my siblings and suffering through one of the worst times of the month (OI!), I find myself unable to sleep! Although, I'm pretty sure if I were to lay my head down hugging this hot water bottle to ease this female 'curse' I'm having, I would be asleep in a second. But then if sleeping means me waking up in the middle of the night with terrible pains mixed with the atrophy of sleep, then count me out. This may be the worst way for me to handle this situation but if I can be awake most of the night and skip the struggle and discomfort in unconsciousness, I'd go for it and gladly pay for it later (somehow I think I will regret saying that).

Who knows, maybe after this blog entry and a series of 'Phineas and Ferb', I'll drag meself upstairs and pull over the covers for some rest. It is already 4am! Heh... I'm just glad tomorrow is stil…