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Misery Business

Note: I drafted this entry in Word Document early in the morning at work. Why? Because if I don’t, I feel like I will explode since already I am pushed to the brink. There’s no internet connection (for some reason) at work today so I cannot post this straight in.

Anyways, it’s the first day back at work after yet another three-day weekend. Don’t get me wrong. The weekend was fabulous. I love weekends! It’s always a chance for me to rest and rejuvenate with things I enjoy doing with people I like. Unfortunately, there’s always the after effect of the weekend – WORK.

Yesterday I felt real good. Stayed home for a change instead of going out and just hung out with Buffy watching movie after movie. Then I decided to brave the muck of my extremely neglected dressing table and now have a rather respectable setting (well, better than before). I changed the bed sheets and duvet cover and after a nice cool shower I was ready to hit the sack, except that since being a nocturnal creature is pretty much my forte, I couldn’t really ‘sleep’ well until probably close to 3am. Tossing and turning and coming to total consciousness in between is not pretty. As usual, I’d be in my deepest slumber at just about the time when I should wake up to get ready for work. Hence, my constant struggle to be a morning person and starting out my work day with a smile.

So, of course my only wish is so that I won’t have a horrible start to the morning once I’m at work. It began alright with me getting to work on time. Then about 20 minutes into the job, one of my colleagues (sometimes I just get extremely annoyed with how she’d say things as if everything other people do are bad and everything she does is heavenly. ARGH!) comes in and tells me BOTH the receptionists (who reports to me) have not arrived and there was a client who was already fuming in the front. GRRRRRRR!!!

“WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?!” I was mad. Mad, angry. EEeee!!! My nerve was totally poked at. I called them, and they did not answer. I sms-ed them and both replied saying they were going to be late. Bloody hell! Couldn’t they just message me earlier to tell me they were coming in late?!? How many times do I have to tell them that? Instead they just assumed the other was going to suddenly be dependable on their late days. GRRRRRRR!!!

In my anger, I just immediately asked that colleague of mine to go sit at the front while they come in. Who the hell do they think they are? Princesses? Royalty? Dignitaries? Presidents of countries? Heck even those people don’t come in late. They’re always on time! It’s embarrassing because even the CEO who is so busy comes in early to work.

I mean, I understand sometimes you just can’t control the situation. I come in late occasionally too, but the differences are that I stay about 20 kilometres further than them and I’m not stationed at the reception area! Even my distance to work is hardly any excuse to come in late and oft times I am ashamed of my tardiness. So I try to improve my travel time - sacrificing much needed sleep, speeding in sharp corners, and paying a much higher toll even! Why can’t they just put in a little effort, huh? Just because they have to rely on public transportation? Just because I have a higher salary, so that gives them the right to slack off? Act out? BLOODY HELL!! IT’S THE SAME FOR EVERYONE ELSE!

And this is just a smidgen of the problem people working under me often bring up. The other is the constant Medical Leaves and Emergency Leaves. It’s just so rampant; it makes me wonder if there are legitimate claims. I tell ya, one day I’m going to lose it big time.

So… I hate my job

And the one thing I learned from watching ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ yesterday was, “if you hate what you do so much, then do something about it.”

That is exactly what I intend to do. Okay, after this, I’ll put in a more cheerful entry with pictures.


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