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The first of the exciting events of the year!

The first of the exciting events in 2009 just passed. On the 10th of January 2009, my sister FSR, got engaged!

I know what some of you might be thinking, isn't the proposal by the guy enough to amount to the couple being engaged to one another? True as that may be, in the Malay custom, an engagement ceremony usual officiates that the couple are truly engaged especially in the eyes of the family members. What's even more interesting is that for the engagement ceremony to be held, the future groom is not even required to be there because the engagement ring would be put on future bride by the future mother-in-law. But of course in the slightly modern version of an engagement ceremony which my family adopts, after all the protocol events are completed, the two lovebirds would get to see each other for the first time as their bethrothed in front of the whole family. A truly heartmelting moment.

My sister's engagement was exactly just that plus a little bit more drama...

We made our way back to our home in Hippo in the wee small hours of Thursday morning just as our parents requested us to. Actually, they didn't tell us to start the journey so late but we were supposed to be there by Thursday morning, by hook or by crook. Initially we did plan to leave KL on Wednesday night after Isya'. However, FSR had to stay at work late and she didn't come back until 11pm. That was why we pushed off from KL to Hippo at 1.30am and arrived at 4am. Thankfully, the drive was a relaxing and safe one.
After sleeping for roughly 4 hours, we were up and about for some uncles and aunties' visit. And before long, work began...

The "Lipat 44" or direct translation... "44 folds"

By 4pm or so, the last of the aunties finally left and off we were to the florist to check out our last minute preparation of the 'hantaran' or gifts. Amids our exhaustion of the travel and lack of sleep, we were all fueled with excitement to see how the hantarans would look like. Expecting beautiful masterpieces fit for a king, what we saw there was... unimaginable!

Suddenly our excitement built up to panic! Especially for FSR. The look of horror on her face says it all. She was mortified and definitely disappointed by what the florist did. What's worse was when her intended called her up and excitedly told her that his hantarans were gorgeous! So we tried to get the florist to salvage what she could and left the things for pick-up the next day. Needless to say we all had a conference together to wrap our thoughts around accepting the decorations as it were. But by the next morning, my sister have decided that the gifts would have to look nicer than that even if they were decorated by ourselves. And so the project began.

Trying to figure out how to decorate

Putting things in position

With tears, sweat and blood we worked on through and the results were...

That night, more merry making continued in our house with the relatives helping out with the rest of the hantarans which were mainly food stuff. Shortly after midnight, we called it a night and dragged our feet off to bed with the hovering thought of the waking up in the next few hours.

10th January, D-day

The house was abuzz at 5 am. Vacuum cleaners whizzing, showers turned on, kids being woken up, and before long the rest of the relatives arrived for breakfast. The function was to begin at 11 am, which got me a little panicked since I was to do FSR's makeup. We started at 8.30am and Alhamdulillah, she was "done" up beautifully within an hour. The hairdresser came and had to practically wrestle with my mom, my aunties and so many other women who wanted to fuss over FSR.

Finally, 5 minutes before showtime, she was completely done. Touch ups, a spritz of perfume, adjustments to her jewelry, last smoothing out of her attire, shoes slipped on, photos snapped and 40 minutes later, the women folk from the "other side" marched up the stairs to see her. It was just a flurry of movements, with people giving their blessings to the future bride, hugs and kisses were shared.

The "other side" left with our gifts, exchanging with theirs and FSR finally got her chance to open her gifts.


At the end of the day, the ceremony was a major success despite the underlying mama-dramas. Everyone was happy and satisfied, tired but content. We made our princess really happy with a gleaming ring on her finger. Some of her friends even told her after the ceremony that all in all the theme of the engagement were nicely put together as traditional and grand. Yay! Seriously, we couldn't have done it all without the rest of the family.

The happy couple! (^_^)


rafflethazzle said…
yeay! awak bila lagi? ehehehe
Shugabelle said…
Kita tunggu dan lihat! hehehehe!!

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