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Lessons from Dad - Friendship

There are a lot of life lessons that my late Dad had imparted to me. One that is quite poignant to me is about dealing with friends. Growing up, I was always the odd one out. I was the one who didn't start kindergarten at the beginning of the year or even at the age of three. I was the one who grew up surrounded with people who were decidedly older than me. I was the one kid who just got into the new town and didn't know the school / rules / teachers / etc., I was the kid who gets sent and picked up by someone everyday and never go to friends' birthday parties - All because I simply had no friends.
As a child, I was always in a girls' school. I had classmates, of course. And I did make some friends who I have seasons in the school year where I'm unfriended and refriended (is that a term?). Yes, the unfriending existed even back then. The worse part about that was that those friends had cliques of their own. So if you get unfriended by one of them, suddenly you fi…
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Early morning on Christmas Eve

Ughh... have you ever experienced such a bad pain in your throat a.k.a sore throat (obviously) that it actually woke you up in the middle of your sleep? Well, here I am with exactly that. Can’t say I’m particularly pleased with it since I have been up since 3am “trying” to ignore it. But now that it is 5.26am, I decided to just get up, make myself a cuppa tea (even though swallowing is super painful) and snack on some leftover cranberry cheese bun and a piece of vanilla custard choux (mental note; ask Madame St├ęphanie how to pronounce ‘choux’). I hardly, if ever at all, wake up in the middle of the night to snack but this pain (!), I just had to. 
I suppose it is a good thing though because it has inadvertently given me some kind of inspiration to post a blog entry. 
After the series of posts in November where I finally managed to address the demise of my beloved Dad in June and all the happenings in my family with Mum’s cancer and all, I think I am, while not and probably never will…

Life After... Pt4

"I want to see the trees."
Those were his last words to me on 26th May 2017. The day when we discovered Mum's cancer, the day Dad did his darnedest during physio at his bed just to get on the wheelchair, the day we took him for a little walk around the ward, the day before the 1st of Ramadhan... The day he had a stroke.
We would never hear his voice again after that day until Allah called him home on 16th June 2017, 21st Ramadhan 1438H. 
There were a few things that he wanted, which I failed to fulfill. For breakfast the day he was first brought to the hospital in Ipoh, he had told me he wanted fresh milk from Salim's Restaurant - I'm sure with 3 teaspoons of sugar for that perfect taste. While he was in the ward, he wanted some Miso soup from Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant, but logistically it was hard to get to the nearest Rakuzen and I only got him some Miso soup from Sushi Zanmai. He wanted some jelly when he was sitting on the wheelchair - I told him we would b…

Life After... Pt 3

Have you ever seen a sand castle crumble? Or a Jenga set that has been precariously taken apart and stacked together bit by bit, crash? That was exactly how I felt everything fell apart when I received that message...
I quickly rushed to the hospital and the Doctors called all of us for the dreaded family conference. 'Family conference' - it sounds like just another meeting. But in all honesty they were giving us the situation as it were and what it would entail. They gave us a time frame where they would continue to give Dad all the support he needed - oxygen, nourishment, medicine, the works. And they told us what would happen next should Dad make it through the night. All they are hoping for, no matter how scientifically and medically impossible it was, was that Dad would regain some brain activity. After all they did say they were not God, and only God can decide what will be.
After the family conference, there we were at the hospital keeping vigil all day and all night pr…

Life After... Pt 2

Dad was admitted in the ICU on the morning of 30th April. He had a severe case of pneumonia (and no one knew how things escalated so quickly to acute pneumonia save for Allah). When we first arrived at the Accident & Emergency, the attending physician who is a Cardiologist specially assigned by a friend’s father as the Director of the hospital, explained that all they needed to do was to give Dad antibiotics and nebulizer. Dad was supposed to be in the ICU for three days for monitoring and treatment, and it was expected that he would be right as rain. Although the Doctor did say that there was a possibility that Dad may be intubated just to help him recover better. I didn’t know it then but it turned out that “intubated” meant Dad would be sedated. So when he was wheeled to his bay at the ICU and suddenly the Doctor said there was a complication, I felt an awful feeling at the pit of my stomach. Dad’s case was much more complex than a normal pneumonia case would be because he was …

Life After... Pt 1

Call it a wake-up call. Call it an epiphany. Call it therapy. Call it what you will. But as I was wallowing in my sorrows as 1st November 2017 began, and knowing that in 24 days I was going to meet my 34th birthday without my beloved Dad for the very first time, I thought to myself that I need to do this for my own healing.
Yes, I lost my Dad this year. He left to be with Allah at exactly half of this year, on 16th June 2017. When 2017 started I honestly thought it would be a great year. I went on my solo trip, I was on probation for a promotion at work, I was going to the gym, my family was in good health, everyone was happy. It was a great start of the year.
Then like the 2004 Tsunami, my whole world and life unexpectedly came tumbling upside down and inside out. All of a sudden my family had crises. *Note the plural form of the word "crisis"* And it started on a rather fine day on 28th April.
I was on edge that day as I did my colleague's wedding makeup. Part of me screa…

The Time I was Flying Blue with KLM

About two months ago I came back from a magnificent travel experience to the UK and Paris. I fully intend to write all about it as it was my very first solo trip ever! But this post is not about that per se. I plan to break down the solo trip experience so that it will not be too heavy in one posting. 
Anyway, I just wanted to share a little bit about my experience travelling for the first time with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines as they were my chosen carrier to take me on this wonderful journey. 
From the get go, I would say it was not exactly all smooth flowing. My own unfamiliarity and inexperience with them probably contributed to the little bumps along the way but thankfully their customer service team is well trained and equipped to help iron out any hurdles or uncertainties that I faced. 
The booking was unique in its own right. The selection of flight dates, times and class was all standard. Then when it came to payment was when I discovered the first uniqueness, or rather the second …